Tuesday, November 07, 2006

David Lereah's My Space Page*

Check out David Lereah's My Space Page. Ok, it is not really David Lereah's page. Someone just created it to mock him. He has three friends listed, one of them being Satan. On his blog it is written

Watch out for my HATERS Current mood: annoyed

Hey someone just told me about this site:David Lereah Watch

Watch out... This looks like a place to read all about what I have to
say about real estate but this guy is just making fun of me!

Very funny! Keep the criticism rolling!


At 7:58 AM, Blogger bourgeois said...

Let's just say I'm very close friends with 'David Lereah'. He hopes to make his MySpace page exposes the truth about real estate.

Forget about Washington DC, I have not seen corruption more pervasive than this country's real estate and mortgage cartels. There is a growing, vocal community of people who are angry and it's time we get heard. The truth will never get investigated in big media because they are largely homeowners themselves.

We need more like David Lereah Watch. I report on my own personal experiences in my area of San Francisco, one of the worst locations in the country. Realtors are starting to get irked when I go to an open house and tell them to their face that I'm just waiting for the bottom to really drop. I think the economic ramifications of the bubble will be a major issue in 2008. We need to build and grow this community because I think a lot of people are angry and feel helpless. While people who were greedy and lucky are sitting at home with a high sense of entitlement.

Keep up the great work... we will be vindicated sooner than the mainstream public wants to believe. And when that happens we should all meet somewhere and buy many rounds of drinks!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger bourgeois said...

I highly recommend checking out the "NARdi Gras" web site. It is hilarious and has link to NAR promoted real estate blogs.
NARdi Gras is their annual convention which this year takes place in New Orleans. Clever name huh?
Check out the comments and try to bombard them with your own comments, at least the ones that do not moderate.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger Metroplexual said...

Check out his my space now. There is a crapload of realtors listed. Too funny. One is hitting on him too!


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